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To be truly alive is living an authentic life. In order to do so, we will have to learn emotionally, to grow, to think creatively and independently, despite the popular viewpoint.
It is not far fetched to state that most of us, at some point of our lives, encounter obstacles in such a task at hand. For one reason or another clear-sightedness evades us, we seem to have impasse on our journey.
This is when we need psychotherapy or life coaching.
The form of psychotherapy I have been practicing in the last few decades aims at helping you restore your vision, focus on the true substances of your internal obstacles through their disguises (the external “clothing”) and turning hindrance into breakthroughs and opportunity for transformation and growth.
Through this process, knowledge transforms into awareness. With the construction of a genuine being from the rubbles within of the past, you will gain a solid interior that is able to withstand most, if not all, future shockwaves and misfortunes.
Further more, this fascinating adventure will be full of unexpected turns like no other.
Life coaching is an extension of psychotherapy. It is for people who have gained mastery of the essential tools through psychotherapy and yet hesitate to take the leap of faith called action according to their healthy internal convictions.
From this perspective, life coaching is “post graduate fellowship” while psychotherapy is a university that trains you to become your physician in healing of the “soul”.
Through both processes, I will be fully committed to be your witness, your companion, and your accoucheuse.