Meditation & Permaculture

As a “wee lass”, “traditional” meditation was introduced to me – sit in a particular way, concentrate on your breathing, clear your mind….

By the time medical school came along, I was accustomed to a long meditation sitting.

It helped a great deal.

However as the competition of time became stiffer, I found myself debating whether to use the next hour meditating or jumping into open water for a swim.

After opted for swimming one time, I realized that the quietness of the predawn lake and the vastness of the open water “buffer” provided me with the same effect comparible to an hour-long sitting, if not more.

As time went on, my “meditative avenues” were expanded from sitting and swimming to hiking, watching animals at play, eventually to conducting any activity where the requirement for “active thoughts” was not so astringent as to prevent my mind and body from “rebooting”. 🙂

And what does this have to do with permaculture? You ask.


While I’m a hopeless gardener with a poor record of production from annuals at least in my little city garden, I have every confidence that my grass farm, partened with multi-species animals, will flourish.

Observing the animals at play provides me with endless meditative “opportunities” where work, creative thinking and play all come together.

A paradise.

Wondering how transformation and self creation may happen through such an activity?

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