DIY Everything

I’m not handy.

Far from it.

However, I’m on the DIY daring side.

I will try most “unknowns” at least once.

When a chick was hatched from my homemade foam incubator with spraddle legs and crooked feet, the tiny legs were tied together with the smallest elastic band I could find and minute little “sandals” were made from cut bandaids to straighten the toes. I “performed” physiotherapy on the little frail being everyday for 6 weeks: three times a day. The puny little thing is all grown up now, a straight-legged rooster. Proud “boss” of his harem of 6 hens.

When my elderly dog cut her forehead open, exposing her subcutaineous tissue one early evening, I super-glued the skin together, for lack of suture material at hand. Her forehead is all healed up now, with new skin and fur. No scarring whatsoever.

Making handcrafted organic soap didn’t give me much trouble. Probably due to the fact that calculating percentages of water, lye and oil was more of a “head game” than craftsmanship.

The “action” of concocting essential oil creams for aches and pains is meditative and the results pleasing to my “receivers”.

On top of that, I do have a rather perhaps “insane” confidence that my sauerkraut, focaccia, goat cheese or whatever else turns up in my kitchen would be deliciously tasty. Possibly because I have been obsessed with food my entire life.

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