After much debate, when my hens are 10 months old, I finally got the chicken sideways nipples and installed them in my “trusted” gallon sized vinegar bottle, just to be sure they are drinking from food grade containers.

The day after I put the new water containers in the coop, one hen stopped laying and the other produced an odd looking egg, 13 hours later than her usual laying time.

The next day, all seemed to be well and good: smooth oval shaped eggs at the usual delivery hours.

It is not only humans who are creatures of habit, my hens went out of sorts with such a change. Well, out of eggs in this case, it seems.

Except the adaptation and recovery time of chickens are to be envied.

Humans are known for our inflexibilities and rigidities. Some humans, at least. And I’m a “stellar” example of such a “trait”.

For example, if I schedule a meeting, from the strictly professional event such as a therapy session to the clearly leisurely activity as in food shopping, once the time is set, I’d be completely thrown if my counter party proposes a change for whatever reason.

After “working on” the matter for a few decades, I finally was able to not throw an “internal fit” every time such a change is thrust upon me by always “designing” a “plan B”.

My own “adaptation”, compared to that of my hens’, has been extremely slow and “awkward”.

Does the swiftness and ease of adaptation represent emotional health, which may help with the health of our entire being? Perhaps.

Evidently I could use a lot more “chicken-ness”, which apparently takes more than simply devouring eggs provided by my hens….




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