• The “Killers” Among Us

    Do we all have the inner makings of becoming murderers, given the “proper” trigger, in an unfortunate moment, perhaps? Can we stop ourselves, unlike other species, if we try hard enough? Do we do all our might to become more ponderous and less reactionary/impulsive? ....

  • The Smell of Injustice*

    A breeding female wolf was murdered by Banff National Park.
    It was said that the Bow Valley Wolf Pack was getting “too familiar” to humans, after some tourists started feeding the wolves from their picnic coolers….
    The death penalty sounds like it was conducted in haste.
    Did they really think through the matter and try “hard enough” to find other options?
    Did humans learn the “lessons”?

  • Companions or Meat?

    Traditionally we separate companion animals from livestock in order to protect our own emotional selves: a way to prevent us from getting “hurt” when livestock becomes dinner. Children are discouraged to play with livestock and directed to forge friendships only with their pets.
    Is it necessary?
    More importantly, is it healthy to insist on such an “artificial” categorization?
    What can we learn from wolves and caribou?

  • Luka's Encounter*

    Luka, the yearling wolf, does not believe she can only befriend beings of her own species. Perhaps it is not a “belief” at all, maybe she “knows” inter-species communication is within her reach….
    Her journey may help your own establishment of a whole new world of friendships.