• Euthanasia or Murder

    What is the difference between euthanasia and murder?
    A few years ago, I killed my wolfdog. Recently a dog called Malachy was killed.

  • Luka's Encounter*

    Luka, the yearling wolf, does not believe she can only befriend beings of her own species. Perhaps it is not a “belief” at all, maybe she “knows” inter-species communication is within her reach….
    Her journey may help your own establishment of a whole new world of friendships.

  • Kefir, Love it or Hate it

    Kefir is one of these things which, despite its undeniable health benefits, elicits strong “opinions”. Some love it. Others hate it. I have yet to find someone who claims indifference towards it. One of my patients would pinch her nose, tilt her head backwards, and then quickly pour the thick semi-liquid substance down her throat. “Exactly how cod liver oil was taken when I was a kid”….

  • Are Carbs Really “Evil”?

    Over the years, we’ve been through more diets than one can count. I’ve read Wheat Belly, Grain Brain and a myriad of other books. As I loved potatoes, I was never quite determined enough to commit to the strict non/low-starch/carb for the love of one stem tuber! However, as my Doberman got older and finally diagnosed with breast malignancy and degenerative myelopathy and gradually losing control of her hind legs, I put her on an all organic mostly fat, limited protein and extremely restricted...

  • Night Droppings Come to the Rescue

    One morning my American Chinchilla doe hid in a corner of her cage and refused her favorite food. She produced no droppings and no urine that day.
    It was a sorry sight.

  • Creatures of Habit

    Chickens and humans are both creatures of habit. A slight change may interrupt the “flow of things” and elicit an often undesirable reaction.
    Does the swiftness and ease of adaptation represent emotional health?

  • Vaccination – How Much Is Too Much?

    The domestic animal vaccination debate has been going on for more than a couple of decades. The general public holds vastly different opinions, so do the professionals such as veterinarians and veterinary researchers.
    This post is a long overdue thorough review on what may be the “gold standard” of “least harm”-“most effective” way of protecting our best friends.

  • Natural Wound Healing: from Hydrotherapy to Manuka Honey

    When a wound is infected, the traditional treatment is surgical debridement, for humans and domestic animals alike.
    However, plenty of other less invasive and readily available remedies may be just as effective, if not more. In this post, I explore some of these treatments, including manuka honey and hydrotherapy.