• The “Killers” Among Us

    Do we all have the inner makings of becoming murderers, given the “proper” trigger, in an unfortunate moment, perhaps? Can we stop ourselves, unlike other species, if we try hard enough? Do we do all our might to become more ponderous and less reactionary/impulsive? ....

  • Luka's Encounter*

    Luka, the yearling wolf, does not believe she can only befriend beings of her own species. Perhaps it is not a “belief” at all, maybe she “knows” inter-species communication is within her reach….
    Her journey may help your own establishment of a whole new world of friendships.

  • Vaccination – How Much Is Too Much?

    The domestic animal vaccination debate has been going on for more than a couple of decades. The general public holds vastly different opinions, so do the professionals such as veterinarians and veterinary researchers.
    This post is a long overdue thorough review on what may be the “gold standard” of “least harm”-“most effective” way of protecting our best friends.