Kefir, Love it or Hate it

    A few years ago, my lactose intolerance got a little out of hand.

    As a lover of cheese, I couldn’t just sit watching while all the creamy stinky goodness were beckoning, nor did I want to take a handful of pills before consuming them. So I went on exploring kefir.

    Much information on the subject can be found here.

    The first batch of my experiment didn’t exactly turn out as it was supposed to.

    The taste was a little off and the smell left much more to be desired. However the dogs loved it. My dogs and my friend Olivia’s dog, that is.

    “It smells like baby vomit,” Olivia proclaimed.

    As a result of my first not-so-starling attempt, Olivia never wished to have anything to do with the creamy goodness that eventually turned up on my kitchen table afterwards, whether they were cheese, butter, kefirkraut, pizza, or even bread, which she loves.

    To this day, any word with a slight association to kefir would send her running from my house. Or at least wrinkles her nose in disgust. I reckon she’d rather live with irritable bowel syndrome than getting some symptom relief from the healthful and tasty products rendered by the versatile bacteria.

    One day not so long ago, a food show hostess was demonstrating kefir products on TV when Olivia was making dinner.

    She was showing some cottage cheese made from kefir and had a little trouble describing the taste, “baby vomit!” Olivia yelled at her kitchen set.

    “What did you say?” her even-tempered husband poked his head from the living room.

    “Baby vomit!” She repeated loudly.

    He knew better than to inquire further.

    Just as stubborn, I still maintain the vision that one day, my dear friend would sit down with her lunch, lathering thick layers of kefir cream cheese on slices of bread for her sandwich.

    And I insist, when it comes to food, the dogs and wolves always know what’s good for them!

    It is my hope that you may just be a little more forgiving on your first try and enjoy your kefir adventure.

    And convince Olivia, would you?

    Perhaps you’d succeed.


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